There are many people that would like to know exactly how much some of the richest people in the world are making and Bill Gates is no exception. Of course, rich people like Gates will not just have income from one source, they are likely to have investments as well as property and businesses earning money for them  as well as possibly having a salary as well and therefore it can be difficult to calculate.

How to calculate income
Calculating the income is therefore pretty tricky. It is easier to work out how much a person is worth as you can add up the values of their assets, assuming that you know what they are. However, then you have to decide how you calculate income. Do you take into account the change in value of the assets, probably not, but what about accrued interest or reinvested profits? Also do you consider the total money he receives or do you take out things like charitable donations or investments in things? Depending on how you calculate the income, you will find that you could get a very different answer to the question of how much is earned.

A Rough Calculation
According to you can make a calculation based on his fortune. They take the figure from 2013 Forbes rich list which stated he was worth $67,000 million and then compare that with the following year which was $78.600 million. They then divide that up to work out how much his fortune increased during every minute during that year which was $28,333.33. This figure will change though over time. As soon as his shares or business value changes it could go up or down and this will change the amount and it could easily be negative as well as positive. However, this is just how much he is worth, it does not actually show how much income he is getting. The income would be the return on his investments and any salary that he has paid directly to him. This would again differ depending on how well his investments are doing at any one time and therefore how high the dividends were etc.

Charity and Inheritance
Bill Gates and his wife now have so much money that they have set up a charitable foundation which they have donated billions to and is being used to help many people. Although Bill Gates has children, he has said that inheriting lots of money will not be good for them and so he is not leaving them a very large percentage of his wealth. He obviously feels that learning how to make money themselves will be much more valuable to them than just living off his money. He certainly had a good attitude towards earning money, telling his school teachers he would be a millionaire by the time he was thirty. He was actually a billionaire by the time he was thirty-one. He probably feels that if he could do it, then his children could do it without needing financial help from him or any other sources.