Negotiating and talking business is usually something not most of us are good at. The reason is pretty simple – both sides wish to gain more, and they do that by making the other side loose. In this proper situation, when you are working and trying hard to keep up with all the requirements that happen to come across by night, asking for a salary rise is definitely what one should do. On the other hand, if you are changing the companies, dealing with a new boss and also, a new salary is ought to be made on asertive principles. In case you are looking forward to knowing more about dealing with money, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how much money to ask when being in a salary negotiation!


5% to 10% over Your Current Gain

One thing you should start by is thinking how much you could actually ask for in plus to what you already gain, whether being in the same company or looking forward to be hired in a different one. When it comes to negotiating the salary, it is absolutely normal to ask for a higher one, somewhere between 5% and 10%. By this way, you will receive no laughs or anything that can disturb your well being and the discussion as it goes on.


Up to 20% if He says Yes

If you know your potential and value in a specific company, you could easily ask for a rise of about 20% if the discussion until here turned out to be perfect. In this case, by continuing the task, when your future boss says yes to the sum and he adds he was thinking about the same amount of money, you could give him the idea of an additional 5% linked to your current earnings. Showing him your desire might not be his line though, although as time goes by you will start seeing that it was actually a great strategy since he will turn back to the first 20% and thus, your salary is already up.

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Let the Conversation Flow

After discussing the financial aspect, it is utterly important to let the conversation flow naturally. If you two did not make an agreement in regards to the salary, you will see that it might turn into a horrible moment – so stick to it as the conversation goes by.


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