The world of working and making money has no borders. Nowadays, we can make money out of nothing – as soon as we know how to do it. As the stock market is continuously growing, you can enroll in any business that you seem to be fond of. The only element required is time, while the best is yet to come. Still, when it comes to restaurants and staff, the opinions are pretty much impaired – some people spend more money, whereas the others less than expected. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how much should you tip a waitress – to be all clear, once and for all!

Tipping Statistics

When it comes to tipping, as much as 99,5% of the customers are tipping the people who serve them. In some situations, we could say that it is already a given – since those who serve us are working while we are enjoying our meals… still, this should not be the mentality, because there are people whom we serve while working, even though we do this in such a different domain than previously expected. However, since there are up to 99,5%, tipping might be seen as a legal way to pay money nowadays.

The Average

Did you know that, on average, waiters are tipped with up to 17-20% from the total bill? It means that if your bill is $100, you will have to pay $120 in the end. Of course, this might not look a lot for us, but for the people who work to make our meals is definitely worth it – 20$ from one table, $20 from the other and so on, so forth. According to statistics, even if the meal was not the best (nor the method of serve), it does not mean that you should not tip – actually, people who seem to have had the worst experience in there have paid up to 15% in tipping.

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Low Tippers

Those who are running out of money while being out usually offer a percentage that is lower than 17%, which means that the whole package was not the best one. On the other hand, it does not mean that you offend them in case you pay this little – it is upon the limits of appreciating its work and the meal you have had.

High Tippers

Usually tourists, high tippers show the greatest appreciation for those who are serving them. The percentage of tipping is up to 20% (and higher), which means that you will most definitely spend a great deal from the total checkout on paying the service. Still, if you are at a 5 star hotel, and the full package is ravishing, there is no reason why you should not appreciate the entire staff the way they should be.

How Is the Tip Shared

Believe it or not, the total amount of tips is not taken by only one person – instead, it is shared between the waiters, so that each of them receive the same exact amount. Still, in some restaurants the money is shared differently, so you should not take that for granted. Yet, the reason why we tip is to help the waiters have a bigger overall salary, since all they receive (in general) is a sum of money which is close to the minimum salary from their country. Basically, if they were to make a living on only those money, most of them would quit and find something that would pay them accordingly. Also, when you know remember how much do they have to stay and run from one place to the other, you might think twice of going out without spending money on tipping – it is not at all healthy to do that job all over again.

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What Should You Do?

Before going out at a restaurant, remember to bear in mind that you must have money for tipping – up to 17-20% from the total checkout – you can already have an idea about it right ahead. As soon as the bill is coming, while searching and see if you are satisfied both with the manner of being served and the meal overall, you can set the tip – which again, is less than 17% if it was okay, 17-20% if it was good and over 20% if you are extremely happy of the result. So, what are you still waiting for? Have you already managed to set your next going out? Trust me, once you do that, you will definitely think twice before appreciating one waiters’ job. Overall, the opinions remain impaired – which means that you cannot make everyone act just like yourself. There will always be people who would tip more and others who would not.


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