Image courtesy of alamosbasement
Image courtesy of alamosbasement
We often try to cut back on our spending to save for the future, pay off debts or improve our cash flow. This can be a struggle to do but apart from the effort of deciding where to cut back and the time taken in researching better prices and deals, there can be other, more negative effects on your quality of life.

Not treating yourself
If you want to save as much money as you can, then you will no longer be able to treat yourself to anything. This can be pretty miserable to anyone who enjoys having treats. This could be big things such as holidays, spa treatments and days out to small things such as chocolate bars, haircuts or fresh flowers. If you really enjoy treating yourself, then it can feel really miserable if you do not do it. You may feel that you are punishing yourself. It is wise to try to tell yourself that it is not a punishment but a means to an end. Perhaps find some cheap treats that you can have that will not make a significant difference or budget some in each week or month. It is also wise to focus on why you are being frugal and decide whether it is worth struggling now in order to be much better off in the future.

Not going out
Going out can be expensive. If you go out with friends, you will find that drinks are dear enough but if they want to go dancing, see a film or anything else, then the cost can really add up. It can be difficult feeling like you are missing out. However, if they are understanding, you could suggest that you all try some different activities that will not be so expensive. You could perhaps meet up at each other’s houses, go out for walks or picnics or find other free or cheap activities that you can take part in that will not cost so much money. They may even appreciate the chance to save some money themselves as well.

Buying lower quality items
You may feel that because you have less money to spend, that when you do spend money, that it will have to be on poorer quality items. You may not enjoy having to do this and it may make you feel bad. However, it is possible that you can avoid doing this. If you would rather not do this then you could just go without or save up for better quality things. You may find that you would rather just wait until you have more funds so that you can buy something that you prefer.

Feeling guilty when spending
If you know that you should not be spending money, if you can help it, then you can get guilty feelings when you do. This can be quite nasty as you will not get any fun out of spending any money, which you may have done in the past. In a way, it can be good to feel like this, as it should help to reduce your spending and therefore help you to save money. However, it can end up making you feel bad all of the time, so it is worth thinking about whether it is worth it.