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We write a lot about making money here on, but the process of making money contains a lot of different smaller processes that have nothing to do with making money directly, but could help you reach that financial stability you are dreaming of.

Except being healthy and extremely fun, socialization can be a crucial tool in your money making process. People often try to socialize and join clubs that are not available for them yet, and they often forget that the basic thing to do is to start where it’s the easiest, in your local community. After some time you will be amazed what kind of people you have met that are living just around the corner, and you will be amazed even more when you realize what kind of benefits you can gain from your surroundings.

The most important thing you should do when socializing in your community is not to be afraid to talk about your business and work. Share what you do with your friends and neighbors, by doing this once they or their friends or co-workers have a problem that your line of work solves, there is a huge chance you will be the first person that will be recommended.  And this is just a basic principle, there are situations on higher levels, where there are chances you will be introduced to your future business partners, investors and more.

When it comes to socializing, there really aren’t any limits.

How to start building relationships in your community?

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Well, start simple with basic hello on the street and in local coffee shops. You can do this every day and it costs nothing. Then you can find something you love and go do that, and there you can also meet some people. Here are some of the useful examples:


Volunteering is a great way of meeting new people from your community. You can volunteer at local animal shelter, local hospital or even better some community institution such as Event Organization Committee or similar.

Visit local events

Once you have created a few relationships, try hosting an event. It can be a party, a fundraiser for something you already volunteer on, or it can be a simple barbecue. Allow your friends to bring other people and enjoy meeting new and interesting people.

Join some organization or a club

You could join a church, a book club, a movie club, or you could participate in some group sports activity like group running and similar.

Socialize in public places

Talk with people in your neighborhood who work at places you visit like coffee shops, laundry,  supermarket, local stores, anywhere you are obliged to start a casual conversation. These conversations can lead to something good and beneficial.

This advice definitely isn’t some direct money making plan, but in the long run it leads to huge stuff. Remember Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have met in their local community by a mutual friend.

Chances are you have probably known all of this, but question remains how often do you practice this kind of socializing? There is no harm in reminding you, opening up more.

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