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With the effects of the credit crunch in full swing, and the recent hike in students’ fees (in Britain), students have a much harder time than they did before. Students are looking for various ways to earn some extra cash to pay their bills, but with employment in short supply, it’s not easy to get on the work ladder. Instead of spending hard-earned money to travel to and from work (in a job that doesn’t pay much to begin with), it’s possible – and much easier to earn right from the comfort of your own home. Here are some great ways student film-makers can earn money online.

Making You Tube videos and adding affiliate links

Most You Tube videos are of substandard quality, yet those that attract a lot of views make their creators a substantial amount of money with the Google and/or Amazon ads they’ve enabled on their films. Affiliate links are also quite good ways of earning extra money on You Tube.

Student Film makers can choose to make their own videos or hire out their services to people who need help with extending their brand to YouTube. A well-made film which attracts a lot of attention can not only make you money (secondary result). It can get you noticed in the right circles for potential job prospects (primary gain).


Making videos for authors

The e-Book phenomenon has taken over the Internet. Almost every blogger has written an e-Book out. Authors are self-publishing their way to writing success, having given up waiting to play the traditional publishers’ games of exclusiveness. One look at the top books on Amazon will demonstrate this fact.  The nature of the web dictates that authors nowadays have to make videos for their books. This is where the student film maker comes in. Authors concentrate on writing and may not have any film-making capabilities. They need the speciality of the film maker to make their videos. As we already pointed out, many authors are self publishing, so may not have the funds to pay professionals to do the job.

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Network on social networking sites and on writing specialised sites to make contact with writers and other professionals looking for affordable video making. Sites like Fiverr may come in handy for you.

Making short films for businesses

In order to be successful, businesses have to step into the digital age. Many of them have already hired freelance writers to write guest posts with links to their websites, on blogs within their niches. Once they’ve saturated the text-based sites, businesses will need to focus their attention to YouTube and other video-based sites.

Managers don’t necessarily want an epic film. They merely want something of good quality which can reference their business to the viewers. Once you’ve done one film – even if it’s for free – you can potentially grow from the contacts it will create for you.

There are several ways student film-makers can earn money online. These are just some of the simpler ones – and you can do them from the comfort of your chair!


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