There are many people who would love to work from home but find that the jobs available do not really pay enough or they cannot do them.  Sadly work from home jobs can be like this, with the work not being quite what you expect. However, there are ways that you can work from home which will make you a decent amount of money.

The best way to do it is to see whether your current employer will allow you to work from home or to start a job and then negotiate days at home. This will not normally allow you to work from home every day, most people would be expected to go in at least once a week, but it will give you a decent income, compared with many work from home jobs as well as job stability. However, it will not work for those who need to be at home all of the time or cannot find a job like this.

An alternative would be to do some freelance work from home. There are jobs available in certain skill areas such as graphic design, writing, programming and admin work. It is worth thinking about what you might be able to do. The jobs are not always that difficult and do not always need lots of experience just enough skill to be able to complete it correctly. Some jobs do not even have deadlines.

Some people choose to set up a business either selling goods or services. This can work, but it does take time to establish and you need to find something which you can sell well. You will need to consider your competition, how you can price things to make a profit and where you will store items if you decide to sell goods. There are a lot of people doing this these days and so you may have a challenge to fit into the market. You will need to consider where you will fit in and whether you have the marketing talents to make your product stand out. You might have a worldwide market available to you but you also have a world of competition.

Many people choose to take on smaller jobs which take less time and are not stressful. There is quite a variety of things that you can do. Things like completing surveys can earn money but at a low rate but they are easy, relaxing and do not take much skill. This means that if you do not have the confidence or experience to do the other sorts of jobs, there is still a way that you can earn money. These will not make the same sort of money but there are many sites which offer an opportunity to earn this way. It can be good to look at reviews of the different sites so that you can choose one that you think will suit you and you will know that it can be trusted if it has good reviews as well.