If you’re selling your products or services using  paypal, then you probably know that sometimes you need to send a paypal invoice and to send a  request for the money in order to get it.

Now sometimes it can be confusing, when buyers asks you to add their actual address to invoice, even if the product or service you’re selling is in digital form.

It’s not hard at all, in this post I will show you with screenshots on how to do it in 5 minutes.

How to add Address (shipping address) when sending  a paypal invoice:

My Account - PayPal


Manage invoices - PayPal



Create a new invoice - PayPal


Recipient information - PayPal


Recipient information - PayPal (1)


Words are not needed with these kinds of screenshots :). Next time someones asks you to add an actual address, just follow these steps and everything will be ok and look professional. Thanks for reading