Image courtesy of Natasha Mileshina
Image courtesy of Natasha Mileshina

Many people face a lack of money to be able to afford holidays. It can be really great to get away from things and spend a week or two at a different location where you can forget about the stresses of your day to day life. However, if you do not have a lot of spare money, it can be difficult to work out how you can afford to do this, but there are some options.

One option is to swap houses with someone. If you do this with someone who lives quite a distance away from you then you will get to explore a different place and not have to pay for accommodation. You may have family members or friends who would be happy to do this with you and if you know them, you would not have to worry about insurance and risk of damage to property. Of course, if you have a friend or family member that has a big home, they may be able to let you stay with them and have a break that way. Some people may not find this that relaxing, but it will depend on your relationship with those you are considering staying with.

It may be possible to find a cheap holiday destination if you book at the last minute. Prices will vary a lot but there may be some destinations where there are lots of booking gaps and companies are desperate to sell spots.

It can be worth considering just getting away for a few days. A weekend or short mid-week break will be cheaper than a whole week away and will be considerably cheaper. It may not be as relaxing as a full week but is likely to help you to regain some calm.

It is also worth considering different types of holiday. Some people may just think a holiday is going abroad to a hotel or villa, but there are many cheaper options which can be just as enjoyable. Camping may have initial costs if you have to buy tent, sleeping bags and other things, but you may be able to borrow these from friends or family and just get off grid for a while. If this is a bit too basic for you then you could consider glamping where you are provided with a luxury tent but it could be a lot cheaper than some other types of holiday.

Some people may feel that a caravan holiday is not for them, but there are many different types to choose form. They are not so basic as they used to be and you can choose between different types of sites which will suit different personalities of people. They are not all family orientated with lots of entertainment, it is possible to find something peaceful and calm.

It is therefore worth looking at options that you may not normally consider for a holiday as they could be a lot cheaper and may give you a much needed rest in a way that you had not expected.