Image courtesy is sockmister
Image courtesy is sockmister
If you like wearing designer outfits or keeping up with the brand names that you like the most, then you will find that the price can add up. Some people will be able to afford to buy these easily, but many will struggle. There are ways that you may still be able to afford them though, even if you are on a tight budget.

Discount Codes
If you are buying online, then it is worth looking out for discount codes. You may find that you can search for them on voucher code websites or you may have to register with the company to be sent them by email. Either way it can mean that the items that you buy will be a bit cheaper and this could help them to become more affordable.

Obviously waiting for a sale will mean that there is a chance that the item that you want to buy could be reduced. Not everything is reduced though and there is a chance that the items in your size will all sell out before the sale. However, if you cannot afford the item at full price, it is well worth checking sale items to see whether it is among them and whether it has been reduced to a price that you can afford. Just be careful that you do not buy items that you do not really want just because they seem like  bargain as you will spend money that you could have kept for the items that you really desire.

Second Hand
It is possible to buy designer items second hand. Sometimes on auction websites or in second hand shops you can pick up items like this and so it is always worth looking. You could find that you get something which is still in the current season’s collection that perhaps has just been worn once. It is good to check as you never know what you might find at a price that you can afford, you may even find things still with labels where the buyer has changed their mind about wanting the items and so is selling them. If a design is scarce it may reach a higher price than it is in the shops, so do be careful of this and only bid less than you can get it for new in the shop and consider the postage costs too. Check out your local charity and second hand clothing shops to see whether they have anything and find out when they restock so that you can revisit regularly.

Sell Old Things
If you do not have much money to buy new items, then it could be worth selling older ones to raise the money. If you do not like wearing clothes out of season or once they are no longer the latest fashion or you have things which you no longer like or do not fit, then sell them. This could raise enough money for you to be able to buy new things. You should be able to easily put them up for sale on a auction site or social media and see if anyone is interested in buying them.