Image courtesy of Pictures of Money

If you feel that everyone else has lots of nice things and you do not, because you cannot afford them, you may feel there must be a way to get more. You may have to borrow money to get nice things as well and feel that you do not want to do this and wonder how others manage. It is worth stepping back and thinking first as you may find that people do not have as much as it seems. It may be that those people that have a lot of luxuries have a higher income, they have reduced costs elsewhere, they borrow money or they are given things. All of these may be things that you do not have so you may have a low salary, high costs, do not want to borrow and do not get given things. However, there are some ways that you can afford more luxuries without having to have these.

First of all it is really worth making sure that you are not spending more than necessary on your necessities. Things like bills, rent, food and travel will be needed but there could be cheaper alternatives to what you are doing at the moment. Have a look around and see if you can reduce what you are paying. You may be able to move house, change suppliers, shop elsewhere etc and cut down your costs without actually making a big effort or feeling a big change and this could leave you more money to spend on other things.

If you want more expensive things, like a holiday or new car, then think about whether there is a way to still get it and for it to cost less. You may be able to compromise and find something a bit cheaper, for example. Also start saving up towards it and you will be closer to getting it. Rather than spending any spare money on small luxuries, such as take away coffee, supermarket sandwiches, pretty shoes, bottles of bubbly and DVDs save it up towards the things that you really want. Often it can be down to prioritising your spending and deciding what you really want to spend your money on. You may like lots of smaller treats or rather save up to have something more significant. Make a decision though and plan your spending accordingly so that you are able to afford the things that you want.

It can also be wise to think about ways that you could increase you income. If you have more money coming in, then you will be able to afford more things. It is not always easy to get a better paid job, but you may be able to pick up extra work, overtime, do a second job, rent out a room, make things to sell or sell items you no longer want or need. This could help you to get some extra money so that you can buy the things that you want. It will be a commitment, but it could be the only way to be able to afford extra luxuries.