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It can be really hard sometimes if you are trying to be frugal and budget but really feel like you want to be spoiled. You may see lots of other people spending money, having new things, going on holiday etc and you may feel that it is unfair that you are not able to spoil yourself in the same way. There are ways that you can make yourself feel rich though, without having to do these things.

It is important to keep remembering why you are being frugal. You may have debts to pay or want to save up for a deposit on a house, for example. Think about how much brighter your future will be as a result of doing this as well as your families future. Many people who spend a lot of money will be using credit cards or loans to get that money so it isn’t really money that they have and they will have to pay back more than they paid for things. Others who are using savings may not be able to afford to own their own home or pay off any debt that they have. So you need to think that you will be a lot better off than them in the future.

If you really want small treats you could always spend a little money on yourself. Set a small weekly budget and treat yourself to a little thing such as a magazine, take away, cinema trip or evening out. You could save up the weekly amounts so that you have a larger amount to spend once a month if you think that will be more satisfying for you, it all depends on what sort of treat you want. However, it is worth remembering that if you do not spend the money at all then you are really treating yourself in the way of having a better financial future.

If it is a change that you would like, such as new clothes, furnishings etc then you could mix things up without spending money. Rearrange the furniture in the house and it could feel like things are new. A big spring clean could also make the house feel refreshed and new. You could dig out all of your clothes and try new combinations of clothing to feel like you have a new outfit. If you are good at sewing you could always change things a bit, or just mix and match combinations of clothes you would not have thought of trying before.

If you want a holiday then you may be able to arrange a house swap or find friends or family that will put you up in order to allow you to have a break from home. You could consider camping which can be a lot cheaper than a hotel or holiday cottage, but it will still have its costs. You may find that just some time off work could be enough to help you to relax without going away.