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The commercial cleaning industry is vast, and you likely already have a lot of competition in your area. Of course you want a large piece of that market share, so what can you do to become the best in the commercial cleaning industry? It’ll take hard work, but it’ll be worth it!

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Always Offer the Best Customer Experience

To get the most return custom, you need to focus on the best possible customer experience. It isn’t enough to simply do a good cleaning job; you need to do it all with a smile. Speak to the customer if they speak to you, greet them, and make them feel comfortable around you. By always making sure the customer is happy with the job you do, you’ll get them coming back to you.

Focus on Fantastic Customer Service

Fantastic customer service is the key to any successful business. Make sure your customers can contact you if they have an issue with jobs your company has completed, or a member of staff. Always strive to sort out these problems in an efficient and timely manner too. Happy customers = a happier, busier you!

Always Do the Best Job

While doing a good job won’t get you far alone, it certainly does help. Always do the best job possible, making sure you don’t cut any corners. Dust, polish, hoover, and scrub thoroughly to make sure that the place is sparkling before you leave. Take extra care to make sure you don’t damage any items or furniture.

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Go the Extra Mile to Impress Customers

As well as doing a thorough job, go the extra mile to impress customers. Ask them if they have any special requests, and do your best to carry those out. While it would be a nice thought to rearrange the office for them in a way that would be more productive, you probably shouldn’t go that far. They will likely be mad at you for taking liberties.

Use the Best Tools

The better the tools you have, the better job you’ll be able to do. The best tools aren’t necessary; you’ll just have to put in a little extra effort to get things looking brand spanking new. I advise that you save up where possible to add to your collection of cleaning tools in order to offer the best service. A top quality hoover and perhaps a carpet cleaner would be great additions.

Make an Effort to Increase Your Brand Awareness

What’s the point in being the best professional commercial cleaners if nobody knows you’re the best? Increase your brand awareness by handing out leaflets, flyers, and business cards. Build social networking profiles in order to engage with your audience and offer an online customer service platform. You can even run competitions! Getting a cleaning van with your logo and details displayed on the sign is always a big help too. The more active you are offline and online, the more awareness and custom you’ll get.

Try these tips to become the best in the commercial cleaning industry. Just be warned: you’ll need more staff as your business booms!

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