Being a good writer in today’s world of Internet Marketing is crucial. It took me a lot of time to get good at writing because I made a silly and stupid mistake thinking that writing can’t be learned or taught. I’d really like to help you avoid this mistake because becoming a good writer is possible especially if you are dedicated towards your goal. The truth is simple: We all get stuck somewhere in the middle. We almost never actually push to the end of becoming a better writer.

And why is that the case? 

Because we think that writing is craft that only special among us are good at. That’s not true. Unless you put that thought on the side, you’ll never become a better writer. You’ll never write a book or amaze your readers with long guides.

But I’m not going to focus on telling you that it’s possible to become a better writer. I’m going to show you.

Good writing is good thinking expressed clearly 

You haven’t probably heard about this quote. It’s not one of the most popular ones but it shows the essence of what I want to point out. When you learn to think on the right way, you will learn to write on the right way. But the most common question I get when I say this is: ”How to think right”? My way was really simple and this is how I teach my students. When you are reading the work of the best, your brain is absorbing their work and you start thinking like them. By thinking like them, you can easily start writing like them. Most of the people say that this is not the way to become unique. And it’s not. But it’s the way to become good. Becoming good is prerequisite of becoming unique.

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When Article Brings Back the Memories

Another practice of mine was to start debating in online forum discussions. I found this as a great way to express what I think or feel and an awesome writing practice.

Firstly, most people think they are good thinkers; and most people are not. Good thinking is a skill like any other: you must practice it to get good and stay good. If debating doesn’t work for you, try logic games, or a course in critical thinking.

Secondly, you know how sometimes someone thinks he is arguing well, but really he just doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about? This is the challenge every writer faces. The process off arranging ideas is impossible if you don’t have a broad and deep pool of them to start with. You need to be able to draw on this pool for the ones that will best suit your purpose. Thus, at least 90% of the writing process is learning about your topic, and there’s an awful lot I could say about that.





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