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Essentially a super affiliate is an affiliate that makes the majority of the sales and makes the most money, this requires going above and beyond just promoting the products and services of the affiliate program. Want to be a “Super Affiliate???? Follow these steps and you will be well on your way…

Choose the right affiliate program for you

If you want to succeed in your new affiliate venture it is important to choose a program whose products or services you are confident in selling. There are many affiliate programs around so it is down to you to choose what kind of affiliate you want to be.

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Treat your affiliate marketing strategy as a business

Like any business a high level of self-discipline and self-motivation is needed to ensure it is a success, affiliate marketing is no exception and should be treated as though it is your own business even though you are promoting others products or services. It goes without saying that you also need a whole heap of enthusiasm for the product.

In order to become a super affiliate you need to build a database of trusted customers and subscribers as well as a strong reputation with the program and lenders.



Know and optimize your target market

One of the most important factors to becoming a super affiliate is driving qualifying traffic to your site (quality rather than quantity) therefore your message to your target market must be strong.  One of the best ways to do this is by becoming an authority in your niche through blogging and guest blogging, a means of spreading the word and also proving your expertise.

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Not only does blogging and guest blogging help to spread your message and prove your expertise but it can also increase your search engine rankings. To improve your SEO it is imperative to include backlinks to your site in your blogs and content for your keywords.

It is advisable to put in a considerable amount of time into researching your target market and drafting marketing ideas.Once you have put your marketing ideas into place it is important to test and track them so that you know which methods work best.

Be unique and stand out

Before you embark on your new quest to don the Super Affiliate cape we have a few more tips for you…well you want to be the best don’t you?

The affiliate program is there to make sure you get the most out of your affiliate marketing venture, therefore, make sure you utilize all of their resources to ensure that you go a step further than your competitors.

Needless to say that your website not only needs to stand out from the rest of your competitors but also needs to be optimized for SEO and conversions. You want your site to rank highest on search engines but you also want visitors to your site to convert into sales. The affiliate program will be able to advise on the best SEO, SEM and conversion rate optimization tactics for the niche that you choose.

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So the name of the Super Affiliate game is to gather up your enthusiasm, build a strong customer database and optimize all marketing strategies, as well as being completely unique and ahead of the competition.

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Don’t forget to use the program’s resources and be patient…Super Affiliate success needs time to manifest!

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