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In this guide, you will get plenty of information regarding customizing and optimizing a blog on Google and other information about blogging. To explain them clearly, we have discussed the dos and don’ts of blogging that every blogger should consider. So, ponder these tips, techniques and tricks to become a real superhero in blogging.

Dos in Blogging

  1. Make choice of title wisely before you publish a new post. Select a different and catchy title and look for it throughout the web to know the number of posts published with same title. Consider making changes in your title if many posts are there. This will attract more people towards your post.
  1. Select your permalink carefully. By default, your title mostly becomes permalink. But it is possible to make changes in permalink to advance your SEO. Your content can be reflected with link details on your blog post.
  1. Conduct some sort of research and study before you post on any subject. You can mention few references to prove that people have landed at best location and gathering correct details.
  1. Express your views, help others, and get helped by others in several online forums. If a topic is found on which you wrote a great post, just give some details and add a link to your blog. Your blog will get more traffic from there. Alternatively, you can make your blog more reputable with this way. You can add outside links in some forums in the form of signature backlinks. Generate more excellent traffic with this opportunity.
  1. Promote your blog in your official Facebook fan page. Also give references on fan page while posting your blog post in order to invite your friends for checking it out.
  1. Add your blog posts on regular basis. Posting only once is not a good option. If you don’t have a lot of time or lack of proper thoughts for writing, you can give a chance to your friends to become a volunteer writer on your blog. Joint effort sometimes becomes more fruitful than single one.
  1. Don’t forget using key phrases and keywords. Keywords are the words which help Google to scan and identify the prospect of your blog post. To improve your SEO and quality of blog, add alternative names. For instance, if your blog is about gadgets and smart phones, if you have added “mobile phone??? word at one blog post, add another word like “smart phone??? or “cell phone??? on another post. You can make your post more attractive with versatility of this kind.
  1. Make sure your blog post doesn’t contain any grammatical error. To reflect your professionalism and maturity, your language should be simple and grammar should be accurate. Grammatical mistakes not just change the sentence’s meaning, but it also leaves wrong impression among the readers. Don’t feel guilty if your grammar is not strong. You should seek help from your friends or seniors to make your language strong.
  1. Allow commenting on your blog posts in order to allow readers to express their views and make queries related to it.
  2. Learn everything about promoting your blog and also get more visitors/traffic
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Don’ts in Blogging

  1. Don’t change permalink if Google has indexed it. This is so because search engine will recognize your post with different link. Google also caches the copy of blog posts. In that case, once visitors entered the cached copy after changing the link, they won’t be able to access your blog post. Finally, the search engine will cache the replaced link and give it lower rank as it records the statistics by looking at specific links. The SEO of your blog post can be affected harshly only because of changing in link.
  1. It doesn’t matter how effective and informative your material on your blog is, you shouldn’t spam your posts or blog. This is so because spamming is a black-hat technique in SEO world.
  1. Don’t select the titles which are deceptive or confusing. People don’t like them and they never help people. Though some sort of traffic can be generated with this way, it is not beneficial for the long run.
  1. Don’t publish fake posts. If you do it to attract traffic in your blog, search engines will soon ban your blog.
  1. Be creative instead of copying others. Google clearly understands and identifies genuineness. If you are a copycat who copies someone else’s posts and paste them to your blog, it will soon ignore it or give it lower rank on search results. In case you have to take something from somewhere else, be sure to mention source in order to give credit to a website or somebody whose content you have taken. Without affecting the reputation or your blog, it will support for back linking.
  1. You cannot gain name and fame within one night. So, don’t lose your patience. There are a lot of websites which are famous in the online market because they involve years of dedication and hard work for gaining reputation.
  1. Google also keeps an eye on the comments made by public on your blog posts. Hence, you need to avoid unnecessary arguments, rage, and fights on commenting. In case somebody is provoking you to fight in the comment section, you can block that person or remove his comments. All you have to do is keep your blog secured from all that mess.
  1. Don’t include stupid popups and web design on your blog. Most bloggers do that mess to annoy people. They also force visitors to like their post on social media. This practice is quite pathetic. Visitors visit your blog for gathering information, not hitting like on everything you popup. Once they feel the information you’ve shared is useful, they will definitely like it and share it to their friends on social media.
  1. Don’t use bots and other fake modes to generate huge inorganic traffic, especially when you have to make money through blogging. In order to prepare ads facilities of Google foolproof, millions of dollars are involved on research. Hence, you will definitely get banned, if you are thinking to involve such malpractices.
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