Have you ever wondered how would it feel to work from home? Does the morning ride to your work place feel longer as days go by? Well, we know how it feels – and that’s why you are now about to find out how it can be possible to work in a cozy place, such as your fluffy bed or a comfortable armchair standing by the fire.

No one said work will be easy, but neither hard – still, it is said your job should be pleasant and able to fulfill you completely. But there’s not a more pleasant and inspirational place you can go to work such as your own home! These being said, make sure to stick with us and keep reading for discovering the insights of how to blog for a living, one clever move that can turn you from a stressed employee to a relaxed worker!

The first and most important aspect you are ought to take into consideration is the amount of money you’ll get by blogging for a living. Like in any other business, you need to build your own path from nothing and invest a lot of time and dedication to get the outcome expected. Here are the first moves when looking for how to blog for a living:

Decide upon your area of interest

It comes as the first step for learning how to blog for a living. Believe it or not, it is utterly important to know what you want, to know what to look for. Nowadays, some of the best paid blogs are the ones talking about how to make money online, fashion and travelling. Still, if you want to get a flawless job, make sure to choose the area of interest that you are best on. The way you get to the point and promote your blog is the key to get your traffic in bloom!

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Learn how to promote your blog

If you want to make your written thoughts worldwide renowned, you need to start share them! Unfortunately, we are not able to know what others have in mind – still, you can quickly make your thoughts fly over seas. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with readers – one share a day may double your everyday traffic! Also, adding commercials on your blog will make your bank account go higher and higher – with every click you are closer to a thankful amount of money that will be transferred to you!

Never give up

This is one rule ought to be followed – blogging is surely not an easy job (at least at first), but as days go by you’ll quickly learn how to cope with it. There are few that managed to make a living by blogging, especially because they kept posting and sharing their passions regardless of the blog traffic.

These being said, there’s no wonder why shouldn’t you start your own blog and hopefully manage to make a living based on it. Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to work everyday with a hot chocolate in one hand and a relaxing atmosphere for helping you get inspiration?

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  1. To succeed (that is, make real money) blogging, you need to treat it like a business. In other words, you need to develop a business that you intend the blog to promote. No, it’s NOTHING complicated. However, if you don’t approach it like a business, you’ll join the 95% or more who don’t make anything reasonable from their blogs.

    So the question is: Do you have a good plan?

    • I agree with you Odimba, we need to run it like real business. If we invest peanuts, our revenue will stay peanuts. But if we invest in our hosting and writing, many people will realize that and your blog will reach the level you want.

      The more you organize your time and actions, the more profit you will get online.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I really liked your title. There are so many different ways to promote your blog. One has to be smart enough to select the right strategies that work to help you make a living online.

    • That’s right Charles, the more unique the way is, the more opportunities will appear.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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