If you want to make money from a website then there are a number of things that you need to be aware of. Many people will think that it is how the website looks that will be the most important factor. Although it is something that you will need to be aware of together with how easy it is to navigate, it is actually not that important compared to many other aspects of the planning.

You firstly need to think about how you intend to make the money from the website. This could be from selling directly from the site, selling advertising on the website, affiliate links in blog posts or something else. Think about where you expect to make the money and this will influence how you design the site. You will need to consider the theme of the site as this will be relevant to what you are selling or trying to make money from. If you have not yet decided, then it is worth doing some research at this stage. Find out what other people are making money from if you can or at least look at what sorts of sites there are out there and how different people seem to be making money. Think about how you will slot into the market, how you will attract visitors to your site rather than theirs and how you will encourage them to make money for you.

It is so important to think hard about how you will get visitors to your site. There are many people who think that if their website is good enough that people will just visit it, but this is just not the case. You need to make sure that people were aware that you have a website and then give them a reason to look at it. It used to be that you would need to register with search engines and then do different things, such as swapping links and having lots of new and fresh content in order to stay near the top of searches for keywords relevant to your site. However, these days there are more things that you may need to do as well as people do not always used search engines. You may need to consider getting a social media presence so that people can find you there. This is not just a matter of setting up a page on Facebook, but actually setting up pages on a selection of relevant social media pages and engaging with it a lot so that you get followers and likes and shares. Then more people will get to know about your website. You need to think about what you are offering people that they will like and will encourage them to visit your site and hopefully start earning money for you. You may also need to think about paid advertising, many companies will pay for social media advertising, banners and text ads on websites and it might be something you will need to consider.