There are a lot of great websites out there which enable their owners to make money. They vary a lot in the way that they do it. It is worth looking at the different ways that they make money so that you can decide which way might be the best way for you to make money from a website.
Selling Directly
A website can easily be used to sell things, both goods and services. You can explain what you have to offer and guide potential customers to where to find them or you can set up your own storefront on the website. You might decide to have your whole website as a store or to have a store page within the website. There are lots of different things being sold online and you will be able to add to them. You will need to carefully choose what you want to sell and think about who will buy it and how much they will pay. You will also need to see what other people are selling so that you can compare what you are offering and make sure that you remain competitive.
Advertising your Good or Service
You can use a website to advertise a good or service that you are providing. You may have them for sale on other places online or offline. It can be a good way to let more people know about it and therefore to encourage more people to become customers. If you do not yet sell anything, then you can consider whether you want to sell it directly from a website or whether you want to sell from another website and promote it form yours. Some people trust other websites more than an independent one as they are more well-known and so although they will charge commission on sales, it could be a good way to make sure that you do get some sales.
Getting Paid Advertisers
You can fill a website with all sorts of content and then get paid by advertisers on the site. This is not quite so good with regards to earning as it used to be but there are still opportunities out there. If you have a blog you could charge people for sponsored posts or for putting a link to their site within a post that you write. You could also sell side bar links, banner ads and other sorts of advertising. In order to get well paid for that advertising you will need to have a lot of content on your website that is interesting and good quality. You will also need to get as high in search engine rankings as possible and a high ranking on different means such as Alexa. These will make you more attractive to advertisers and will mean that not only will you be able to secure more advertising but also be able to charge more for it. Do not saturate the site with adverts though as advertisers will not want their advert to be lost among lots of others.