You’ve gotten the job that you are after, and it’s going to take some extra care on your part to keep it. So here are some tips to continue on the path to climb that ladder of success.

Dress for the position. No matter what it is, dress for the success of your position.

When your boss has extra assignments, take them. No matter where you are when traveling the ladder of success, accept those extra jobs.

Your work day just got longer. Go in early, stay late, and keep your desk clean. If you can’t get an assignment completed by the end of the day, don’t let your desk show that. Clean up your work area.

Get to know your position quickly. Be an asset, not a liability. The last thing your new employer needs is someone sponging off the company. You were given the position because you had the best qualifications, so show them off in a good way, and get better every day. Be useful and relax enough to come up with new ideas.

Be the best leader that you can possibly be. That also means listening! Don’t be a corporate bully! Be the kind of leader that people love to look forward to. Be a leader so they can’t resist coming to you. Don’t be a push over and be fair.

Give credit where credit is due. Don’t be one of those ladder climbers that crawl all over other people to reach the top. That makes it hard to look yourself in the mirror. Have scruples and don’t get lost between right from wrong. So when you reach the top, you have no regrets about how you got there.

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You may have to give up a few things along the way. Figure out how to balance your life. You can’t be all about work, without some ways to have fun. Blowing off steam on a regular basis makes sure that you are on your game on the job.

Don’t be a gossip. Make a point to not be the one the whole office is talking about. Don’t tell them about your latest conquest. Don’t tell them about the fun at the bar. Tell nice clean stories and keep it that way.

Don’t be a liar. You won’t have anyone’s trust if you are caught in a lie. And really, telling the truth is the only way to be anyway.

So, follow these simple steps and keep your nose clean. Being a decent human while climbing the ladder is the only way to go and you will find your way the right way. When you look back on this, you will be grateful that you followed the path correctly. No one really says you were a great worker at your funeral, they want to know that you were a decent human being. So, take the path the right way, and it will all work out the way it should. Good luck and remember, be decent and cordial.

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