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How To Create A User-Friendly Website Registration Process

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At the moment, online traffic is driving success. It seems that the more traffic you have, the better your chances of succeeding. When you think about it rationally, it makes a lot of sense. However, it still doesn’t mean that by increasing traffic to your site that you are going to be a huge hit. To make sure that traffic is relevant, you need to convert traffic into success. So, how do you achieve that goal? One way is to develop user-friendly website registration processes. Here are a few tips.



Convince Them Why


To start with, it is important to show your customers why they should register with your site in the first place. There are thousands of websites on the Internet that they could go to instead, so what makes you so special? Think about what you can offer them and what they want from a website, and then post it on the site. Don’t write reams of text that go into exact detail because that will bore them to death! All you need to do is jot down a few bullet points that are clear and concise.


Eliminate Fields


The last thing anyone wants when they sign up to a site is to be confronted by dozens of unnecessary text boxes. After all, do you they need to give you their home and mobile phone number if they have provided their email address? Of course, you want as much information from them as possible, but you have to consider what is vital and what is not. Narrow down the fields to the ones that you need, and then eliminate the rest. Seriously, you will be doing yourself a massive favour.


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Web browsers like Google Chrome have an autofill option that doesn’t require you to type in endless amounts of data. For obvious reasons, this is incredibly advantageous when it comes to signing up to a site, which is why you want to replicate the process. A postcode address finder is a great piece of software that finds a person’s full address from the postcode only. So, instead of typing in three or four lines of info, they only have to type in a couple of letters.


Group Fields Logically


It is possible to keep all the fields that you want if you group the boxes together in a logical order. Internet users have become used to a certain way of delivering information, and they don’t like it when that routine changes. It is enough for some people to give up on a registration form simply because they don’t like the layout, which puts the format into perspective. It is important that you put everything together in a conventional and logical order if you want to maximise your traffic.


Break The Process Into Manageable Chunks


A registration can take a long time if it involves making a purchase. In this case, you need to break the registration down into manageable chunks to make it easier for the user. The longer the form, the more boring and monotonous it is to complete.


As soon as they get bored, they will bounce.


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