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Here’s what we should know: aside from the apparent social networking and Search engine optimization benefits, content marketing is really an attempted-and-true approach to building a crowd that develops a company. Creating submissions are a wise business move since it will:

  • Construct your brand.
  • Make selling way simpler.
  • Build a crowd that has faith in you.
  • Overcome prospect objections.
  • Attract proper partners.
  • Deepen loyalty with existing clients.
  • Construct your status with search engines like google.
  • Crush your competitors.

It’s that last point I wish to expand on in the following paragraphs. And it is about making war with content. Particularly, I wish to train you why and how you need to write (and employ) awesome blog posts that completely crush your competitors.

However I have to define our terms. Let’s go …

Who are your competitors?

For me, personally it starts with myself. I am my greatest competition. With every new project or article, I wish to smoke previous achievements. I never wish to relax on my small latest publish. I need to get better. Exactly the same you need to treat yourself: you’re your very best competition. The other group of rivals are , of course, other content creators. This may be a group of authors associated with your area.

For instance, when operating in SEO, its not necessary to bother with authors around the New Yorker or Wired. Unless of course you choose – and may – write for individuals platforms.

Otherwise, ignore them.

Additionally you don’t be concerned about those who are in another pay grade. For instance, sometimes in advertising and marketing, Seth Godin isn’t my direct competition. Guy Kawasaki isn’t my direct competition.

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Rather, goal for somebody inside your weight class. Study them. Become familiar with their story, their techniques as well as their purpose. And methodically train to defeat them.

Don’t make mistakes with your competition

Some people don’t know who are their main competitors. Some even don’t want to admit that they have competition. They usually argue saying they are utterly unique in everything they create. That is so not true. Almost no one on the Internet is unique. We all tend to talk about same stuff over and over again. We only say it on different way and think we created something unique. The truth is that we have only repackaged.

What crushing competitors really mean?

In one simple sentence: Creating content that gets more shared and commented than your competitors while at the same time, they admire you for being better. That’s it. Shares and comments are visible metrics we can use to see which of the post is created better and attracted more audience.

And on the end, what is really awesome content?

It hardly can be defined. Simply there is no formula but there are there are 3 characteristics that almost always define awesome content:

  • Length
  • Solution to a huge problem
  • Fantastic explanation presented through great story.

This is what usually define an awesome piece of content. Could you follow all three of them?




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