Since the Internet was firstly launched, quality content was and still remains to be the only reason why Internet is still here and improving every day. No one would spending time on Internet if there is no useful information to share or receive. So quality content is KING, in every sense of that word.

Creating content is easy. Or it was easy until it became so competitive. Yeah, I guess it is like that. If you are, for example, trying to write an article about building iron abs, you will need to create something epic and do great marketing if you want your post to receive any traffic.

Few years back, it was all easier. Lack of information about certain subjects was working best for internet marketers. They could easily fill the blanks and people would throw money at them.

Now it got tougher. It’s a battle. It’s war!

What we know: SEO and Social Media are proven strategies and only way to rank or get attraction on social media is to offer a valuable information. In return, you will be getting visitors and then, it’s your job to convert them to money. But that is whole another story I will tell some other time.

Okay, so what epic content can get you:

  • Brand- there is no way to build a brand if you are not offering something useful to people.
  • Sales- quality content will get you more sales
  • Audience- people will always follow the guy with best information. Audience who trust you will get you ton of money.
  • Reputation in search engines- Google and other search engines love websites that are rich with epic content and they will always put it higher in search engines. That is why better and longer content always rank higher
  • Crushing the competition- My favorite! There is no better feeling than seeing how your website is ranking above others and you haven’t spent a single dime on marketing. You just offered valuable information you packaged very good.
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I will like to stick with the last one for a bit. I want to help you define who is your competition. First, I said I really like the feeling of crushing competition more than anything. Well, I lied. I like beating my yesterday me. even more. I like writing a better article than I wrote yesterday because, to be honest, sometimes is to stupid to fight every competitor.

But beating anyone else or even yourself won’t be easy. The only way is to practice until you are dead.

To your success!





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