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Hiring the right people is crucial to your business’ success. Your operation will only be as good as the team that is working on moving it forward. But seeking out those talented, qualified, and motivated individuals to join your team can be costly.

It’s important to find the best talent for your business, but your bottom line shouldn’t suffer due to the expenses you may incur while recruiting. Consider the following ways you can cut down on recruitment costs for your business.

Make Your Business Accessible

Old recruitment models are becoming increasingly outdated as technology continues to improve. People are relying more and more on the Internet to consume content and information – and that includes the best candidates for the positions you have available within your business. The best prospects aren’t spending much time reading newspapers or industry publications. Instead, they’re online.

This means establishing a functional, clean, and easy-to-navigate website so candidates can find you via an online search. By utilizing your website, you won’t have to pay extra for recruiting purposes.

You should also include a “careers” or “jobs” page on your site that lists your current opening and description for each position. You’ll want to make sure job seekers can easily send you their information for review.

Use Social Media Platforms

Your best candidates are also in specific places online. You don’t have to rely on them finding your website, because you can seek them out for free on social media platforms.

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Social media is a great way to recruit, market, and sell online. It costs nothing to sign up with relevant platforms and you gain an incredibly huge pool of eager, interested candidates that are easy to reach and engage with. By starting your communications online, you can also save time and money by doing a little online screening upfront.

Your business can exchange a few emails to weed through interested individuals and narrow down the selection to a few likely prospects. From there, a quick phone call can help you select a handful for longer or in-person interviews.

Ensure your business has a presence on LinkedIn at a minimum. LinkedIn is the social network for career-seekers and professionals. Browse relevant groups and boards and search for candidates with specific skills that you can then reach out to in order to connect. Consider adding Facebook and Twitter accounts (and Pinterest, if it’s relevant – if you market to women, you should be there).

Attend Industry Events

Although this isn’t necessarily a cheap option, it may save money over keeping a staff of full-time recruiters. Plus, it can offer added value as attending industry events can boost your business’ presence and offer new opportunities to network.

You may also want to think outside-the-box and venture out to conferences or meetups that aren’t specifically designed for businesses in your industry. If you need someone with a specific skill set, approach your need for staff the same way you approached social media: go directly to where the candidates are. If you need a team member experienced in IT, go to an IT event. If you need someone with sales training experience, head to a relevant conference for that individual – even if it’s not necessarily a relevant event for your company.

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Need more ideas on how to cut recruitment costs for your business? Consider doing what you can to keep current staff, cut useless recruiting expenses (such as high-priced advertising in big magazines), and if you still employ traditional recruiters, make sure that they themselves are good hires.

By keeping these ideas in mind and making the switch to a more online-based recruitment system, you should be able to access the best talent for the lowest price. And if you can build an environment made up of quality employees, you can keep that trend going by using staff referral programs or current employee recommendations.


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