Nowadays, it is really hard to stay with people. I mean, at job, having as many as 20 different minds and behaviours all around you is something you wish to get rid of. It is not a secret, is just the way it is, because we, as people, we tend to take things seriously and we want others to behave the way we do. In this specific situation, it is really important to know how to handle the possible conflicts that might arise. In case you wish to be prepared, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to see how to deal with people you don’t like at job as a smart guy!


Smile and Wave

I am more than sure that you have heard this line for many times now, yet this is the way it works – if you want to act as a smart guy and not to enter some efortless conflicts, the best strategy you can take up is to smile and wave. By this way, these people will see you are not hurt by what they are trying to do or say to you, reason why they will not try it twice.


Bear Others

If you want to keep a calm and a zen attitude, the very best thing to do is to bear others – do not show them your ignorance or discomfort, because the very next thing they will be doing is to keep talking about you over the back. Just show that you are ok, you feel great in your own skin and always make some fun of them and of what they said about you. If you show them you have no problems of selfesteem, they will, most probably, love to see you again soon.


Mind Your Own Business

When it comes to talking about others and making fun of them, just the way they might have done with you, make sure you fit the crowd but do not start bragging about it. There is nothing worse than starting to talk behind someone’s back, mainly because this shows how intolerant are you, as a person. Everyone has its own story, its own behaviours, and they are not meant to act the way you want them to because they are different from you.