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In every business or company, there are different types of people (jsut how they are in life). Since we can’t have people the way we want us to be, the only thing that we might add up to the business is the attitude they have towards work. Toxic employees are everywhere, yet one thing highly debated concerns their opportunity to turn them into useful targets. In case you wish to dicover who are the toxic employees in your company (since no employee will ever show off in front of his boss) make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


  1. The HOT MESS

Our number one type of toxic employee, also known as the HOT MESS is the most disorganised person to work with. Not only unreliable but also incompetent, this one is a helpless learner who is rather passive and resistant to change. In order to treat this disease, you could offer to the HOT MESS extra training while providing support to the one who is not as ready to hit the deadlines as anyone else would.


  1. The SLACKER

This one is the sleepy one. Whenever it has time, the SLACKER is ready to use any table as a pillow to enter his dreams. Due to the low motivation he is being characterised by in addition to the wasted time online on social media or anywhere else, he is most of the time absent from anything that might have to deal with his work – thus, the company’s profit is going down and finally, will be set on the ground. He is not the one you wish to be a timekeeper! In order to get him out of this state of mind, make sure to provide clear explanations to him in addition to the unexpected visits you might offer to him from time to time. Making him a bit aware of the situation will turn him into the type of employee you are seeking.

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  1. The MARTYR

Not only the SLACKER’s opposite, the MARTYR is the type of worker that would be more than happy to die for his work – but also, to let everyone know that he would do that. Even though it might look like an employer’s dream, a MARTYR is not necessarily a great co-worker but he would work better as being all alone in the big crowd.


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