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Print banners are a great way to attract attention in a range of situations, from exhibitions and trade shows to outdoor advertising. However, without the right design, your print banners aren’t going to get you the attention that you deserve. So how do you get it right? Read on for tips to creating the perfect print banner.

Use the AIDA Technique

The AIDA technique is a tool for making sure that your advert gets attention. It stands for the four steps that you have to take to ensure that your audience does what you want: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It has recently been updated to AIDCA which includes Conviction too.


Grabbing people’s attention is one of the hardest tasks in the world today – everyone and everything wants our attention – so you need to make the reader of your banner stop and read what you have to say next.

Tip: try and make it personal by using pronouns rather than just facts.


You have your audience’s attention, so now what? Now you have to get them interested and engaged so that they’ll get to know your message better. You need to keep the copy focused on their needs, as well as being succinct.


Closely linked with interest, you need to help your audience understand how your product or service will benefit them. Explain the benefits rather than the features of what you’re offering.


Consumers are savvy to marketing claims, so use data to back your claims up.

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A call to action is really important, so your audience knows what they have to do to take advantage of what you’re offering.

As well as the copy of your print banner, you’ll need to think about the way it is put together too.

A Prominent Message

The main, attention-grabbing message of your advert must also be the biggest part of your advert. While images and artwork are attention grabbing in themselves, the message of your advert will get your audience’s interest. It can take up to three-quarters of the advert space.

A Single Benefit

Keep it simple. People don’t have time to spend all day reading adverts wondering why they should buy your product. Keep it short, sharp and clearly convey a single benefit. It must quick and easy to read, so use simple language.

Text Placement

Remember to think about how you are going to hang your banner – and that eyelets or frames don’t interfere with your message.

However you design your banner, remember that printing it is really important, so you need to employ a trustworthy company like Auraprint to do it for you


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