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Email marketing is one of the oldest and one of the best methods you can use to drive traffic to your website, approach new clients and make friends in IM world.

You have probably heard a lot about this method. There are people who will even say this method is half-death. You would be stupid if you decide to trust such people. I even believe that email marketing is the best traffic generation technique on internet.

However, if you want email marketing to work effectively for you, you need to know what you are doing.

Because while good email marketing can drive enormous traffic and some stable clients, bad one can ruin your business in a minute.

But what is the actual difference between good and bad email marketing?

You need to know the ins and outs of approaching people over emails if you don’t want your email to get in spam folder.

This article will be for those who haven’t tried email marketing yet or had a bad luck with it.

We will try to cover some basics and teach you how to do email marketing effectively. What will matter to us is that you avoid making mistakes, because such mistakes can bury your business.

The right way is sending emails to customers and businesses who would like to hear from you. Those will be the people who subscribed to your newsletter or your email list. Buying email lists won’t get you nowhere so try to avoid that technique and save yourself some money.

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There are 5 steps in building a successful email marketing campaign:

Step1: Build your list of email addresses

Step2: Develop your email campaign mix       

Step3:  Write emails    

Step4:  Send emails

Step5: Process Opt-outs and Bounce emails

We will try to explain each step in a sentence or two so you can get more insights. Building an email list of previous customers, new visitors and prospects is the best way to start an email marketing campaign. Unlike buying email lists, collecting real addresses is way more effective.

When you start emailing people, it is really important to develop a frequency and content. It’s a thin line between too much or not enough emails.

The text of your email, however, is critical in turning visitors into customers. Make sure that your email gets to the point quickly and not waste people’s time.

Timing of an email is also very important. Unfortunately, most only have life of three days.

I hope you got bit more insights about email marketing and how it can be effective for your business.


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