The most common question I get on forums, blogs and sometimes directly from people is: ”How to do SEO effectively? ”

In most cases, answer on such question is really hard to give. In my opinion, SEO is super changing and it is hard to understand and the best way to understand is not to try understanding at all.

Sounds confusing, ha?

It is actually, because the whole SEO process is really confusing. With constant algorithm updates, SEO Gurus proclaiming shit methods and similar, most of the people find themselves saying: ”What the fu*k should I do now?”

If SEO seems really confusing for you, than the best way is not to focus on it at all. Instead of trying to build backlinks, start building an audience. Instead of spamming the forums, try helping people and solve their issues. Instead of submitting thousands of blog comments, start engaging with the bloggers with thoughtful comments. Instead of spamming thousands of Facebook groups with links, start making friends with influencers. And so on… You get the idea.

The worst thing you can do, if you don’t know SEO, is to start following the famous ”More links, better rankings”. That is one of the stupidest thing I ever heard. I’m into SEO for years and I still can’t figure out how people can fall on such things. In case that sentence is true, than Google would fall apart because there will be so many people keep building billions of links every day that there would be no engagement at all. Just links everywhere you go.

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That’s why you need to focus on creating quality backlinks if you want higher rankings. This post is mostly for newbies who haven’t figured out how SEO is actually working. So, if I were in your shoes, I would do the following steps.


1. Build the site for people not search engines 

If people fall in love with your website, Google will also.

2. Speed up your site to maximum

Not only that this will satisfy visitors of your website but this is also one of Google main ranking factors.

3. Write posts so you can solve people’s problems

If you can’t think of any problem you can solve, than just create one. Creating urgent problems and solving it makes people think of you as an expert.

4. Let people promote your posts instead of you

If you help a person, he/she will have need to return the favor. So if you solve their problem, they will give back by linking to you, sharing your post or just spreading the good word.

5. Engage on Social Media




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