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In the world of business, time is money. Companies of all sizes need a fast and successful way to generate legitimate sales leads that have a higher chance of converting.

Why is this so important? Well because if the sales process is streamlined and your business is targeting the best type of lead, you will have a greater chance of securing their custom and ultimately generating profit.

Lead generation software opens up the door for these targeted sales opportunities, which your business can instantly follow up on. So how exactly can lead generation software, from Lead Forensics for example, help you to generate these leads?

  1. Use the software on your website

By placing tracking code on your site, this software allows you to view and understand the intentions of your unknown website visitors.

Complying with the Data Protection Act, the software will reveal their identity by company name and also allows you to view their website address, location and telephone number too.

The software will also display a company’s SIC code, turnover generated, employee number, and detail how each visitor arrived at your pages. This is great data to analyse and evaluate, as it allows you to tailor specific campaigns to your advantage.

Combined, all of this information means that you can firstly visualise and understand why someone has landed on your pages, and secondly view their details and get in touch with them at a later date.

As people will inevitably visit your site with a vested interest in your services, this allows you to confidently open up conversation with prospective clients.

  1. Generate the best leads
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Without B2B lead generation tools in place your business would need to establish other methods of generating such leads.

This can be a lengthy process incorporating all kinds of channels that takes up more time trying to find relevant leads than actually connecting with them. Remember – time is money.

Lead Forensics enables you to receive a consistent stream of targeted hot leads and prospects that are worthwhile investing in.

As these are delivered to you, the whole of your sales team has time on their side to perfect their sales pitch and aim to hit their targets.

  1. Easy access to your unknown website visitors

Lead Forensics software provides a secure online portal where you can login and view data about your unknown website visitors.

In addition, the software will allow you to setup trigger reports so that sales personnel can be alerted to specific user activity that has taken place on your site.

Integration with CRM can also be achieved, including Saleforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and Sage, so there’s no need to change over to an alternative management system.

All of this combined means that you can act on hot leads as soon as possible and clearly monitor user intentions and behaviour. Furthermore, your business has the power to follow up on prospects at a time when they are expressing an obvious interest in your services.

  1.   Build strong customer relationships

By viewing which pages prospects have been visiting and observing the average time duration spent on specific pages, you can begin to understand their intentions.

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When the time comes to finally make your sales call, this information will allow you to establish common ground during your initial conversations.

Before anyone buys into your products, you need to gain their trust and establish a strong customer relationship.

With the insights from IP tracking software you can relate to each and every company that has accessed your site and work on enhancing this relationship to encourage sales.

The power is in your hands

With Lead Forensics, your company has the ability to gain valuable knowledge about your visitors and use this information to drive more conversions to generate profit.

In addition, the software provides your sales team with the information they need to gain an advantage over the competition in your industry, allowing them to interrupt the sales cycle and get to prospects during the research stage before competitors do.

Ultimately IP tracking software can enhance and streamline your sales process for the better by helping you describe your hottest sales leads. So, to improve your chances of converting sales at a higher rate be sure to consider using lead generation software.

This post was written by Lead Forensics, a powerful IP tracking software platform design to reveal the identity and contact information of your unknown website visitors.  


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