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Have you been using Instagram lately? It’s becoming pretty popular network and currently it belongs to one of the favorite photo sharing social media networks on planet. As much as Instagram is fun for sharing images with your friends and family, it is also very popular and useful tool for driving direct traffic to a blog or a website.

This network is really popular among those who are basing their website or blog on powerful graphics and videos so websites related to finance, bank loaning or anything similar won’t probably work.

What worked best for me are niches that are related to humor, fitness, diet, lifestyle, fashion. These are definitely those niches which will work for anyone who is investing at least an hour a day working on Instagram profile.

I’m presenting you 3 best ways to drive traffic from Instagram

  1. Linking in the bio section. Oh, I really like this one. It’s my favorite. The link in bio section should send traffic to ideal page that is extremely related to an actual photo you shared. My advice is to always link to the related page. You can do the testing yourself and you will notice the amount of clicks, comments and visits will always be higher when page is related to the photo. The testing I’m doing is really simple. I short up my links with link shortening services like that can easily track number of people who click on my links. Also, I advice you to experiment with call to action messages because they are very important factor. Never promote to much and never try to make a sale through Instagram by putting affiliate links. Those are bad choices.
  2. Use attractive images. This could also be very important and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be first on this list. If your photo looks awful, lot of people will actually skip it and they will never make it to your website. Good thing is that Instagram have lot of tools to offer that can easily enhance photos to provide top quality.
  3. Use awesome video. Most of the people on Instagram are only sharing photos so when someone share a video, it almost always gets noticed. So if you do a good job with a video, you can score enormous traffic really quickly.
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I’m sure if you use these tips wisely, you will be able to drive lot of traffic to your website and Instagram can easily become your best traffic source. There’s also a ton of apps and software out there that can help your profile increase engagement, Fred Harrington has written about some of them



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