Image courtesy of Lilia's Photos
Image courtesy of Lilia’s Photos
Many of us understand the importance of eating healthily but health foods and superfoods are so expensive it may seem that it is only the very well off that can afford to do it. However, it is possible to manage to eat healthily without having to buy these expensive products.

Avoid ‘healthy’ food
If you shop in a health food shop then you will be aware of how expensive it is. It is worth avoiding doing this as you can easily get healthy foods in cheaper shops and many health foods are not as good as they claim.

Smaller Portions
Reducing your portion size can be a good way to keep eating the same foods but lower the price. If you need to lose weight then it will help you there as well. If you have very large portions, then you could halve them. Dish out two plates instead of one and keep the second in the fridge for the day after. You could also cook less food in the first place so that there is less food to eat, particularly if you think that you would still be tempted to eat all of the food that you cooked, even if you plated it up in two.

Cook from Scratch
Cooking from scratch may take more time but it can be healthier and cheaper than buying pre-prepared food. You can make a lot of dishes with a few simple ingredients which taste really good, are very healthy and do not cost very much. There are many great recipes online, which you do not have to pay for. Look out for seasonal recipes and cheap offers so that you can get the very best prices on the food. If you cook large batches of food it does not take much longer and you can freeze portions of it to warm up when you do not have time to cook.

Grow Your Own
If you grow your own food then you will be able to get it much more cheaply. Obviously you will have to pay for the seeds or plants and the water and any fertiliser and you will need time to care for them. However, you will still find that you will get a good return on your investment. Not only will you get almost free food, but you will also know exactly where it came from and what was added to it. You can also harvest it exactly at the time when it is perfectly ripe to maximise the flavours.

Go back to basics
We eat a lot of foods with sauces, exotic flavours and a big mix of ingredients which can make them more expensive and higher in calories. It can be wort just going back to basics and using just a few ingredients. Make simple salads and use olive oil as a dressing or just steamed fish and vegetables. You will begin to taste the flavour in food rather than having to rely on putting on sauces and flavouring which cost more money and are less healthy.