Relying solely on Facebook for affiliate marketing implies the same pros and cons of mixing business with pleasure. The pro is that Facebook widens your coverage,thereby directing more traffic to your website. However, your strategy would then have no unique and professional approach, making it look more like as pam message than an essential one.

But since social media sites are a good way to increase website traffic, you can consider using more reliable and more professional-looking social networks to create a good impression on your audience as well as your affiliates. With that said, it’s time to try LinkedIN.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIN is dubbed as the social media network for professionals. In fact, one of its most engaging features is your privilege to upload your resume and be viewed by potential employers. Unlike typical sites for job-seeking, LinkedIN also enables you to create your personal network of professionals.

You may be linked to your previous office mates, managers and other co-workers, or even prominent people or groups from various industries you are most interested with—whether corporate or public.

So if you are an affiliate marketer, your success not only depends on the audience you can engage but also the affiliate marketers you can work with. Through LinkedIN, you are promoting yourself to build credible and sensible connections.

How do I use LinkedIN for Affiliate Marketing? shares that LinkedIN actually imposes significant authority over Google and other search engines. This only proves that one of the ways to land a good rank on the search engine results page (SERPs) is through the use of LinkedIN in your affiliate marketing strategies.

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A Profitable Writing System

To use LinkedIN effectively, here are some quick tips.

  1. Use LinkedIN Direct Ads Campaign.

    Since the platform is known to be professional, using LinkedIN for campaigns will help reduce the doubts of your clients or partners to engage in your activities. Your audience coverage is still broad, but it is now tailored to people who are really interested in business-related information.

  2. Get yourself a Group.

    If you and your partners are all in LinkedIN, you can create a group to make the exchange of information easier, as well as to establish joint efforts in making a larger network for the group.

  3. Link LinkedIN with other social media sites.

    The power of Twitter and Facebook is definitely omnipotent. But you don’t have to limit yourself with only one option when you can have all of them.

    You can open your profile in LinkedIN to keep its professionalism. But to broadcast yourself, you can tweet the link or post it on your Facebook account. This way, you are assuring direct traffic instead of the random one.

These are just a few of what LinkedIN can offer. You might want to sign up first and explore other possibilities to boost your affiliate marketing.Once you’re done, leave a comment here and share your profile for your fellow marketers to see.


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