Image courtesy of Thomas Galvaz

If you want a pay rise, then often the only way to achieve this is to find a new job. This could be within the company you already work for or in a new one. Whichever, you will need to work hard to be able to get it, as jobs can be quite scarce these days and everyone would like one that pays better.

Obviously it is wise to always keep looking and be aware of what vacancies there are around and how much they are paying. You will be able to see whether someone with your skills will be able to get something better paid. You may find that there are not opportunities with higher pay and if this is the case, then it can be wise to consider doing some training. This could mean going to college to get more qualifications or getting specific vocational training for your line of work. It all depends on whether you want to continue working the area you are already in or whether you want to change to something else. It can be difficult deciding whether it is worth paying for qualifications when there is no guarantee that you will get a job out of it at the end. It is good to find out whether there are any courses that you can do for free, perhaps through your business or government funded ones. You may find some courses online, there are many free ones, which could be a help, they could get you started in learning about something new or increase your knowledge in an area you already know a lot about.

It is worth remembering that often you have to negotiate pay when you are going for a new job. It can be really difficult to know how much money to ask for. However, if you want more than you are currently on, then you need to make sure that you ask for significantly more. They may try to negotiate you down so if you leave some room so that the pay can go down but you will still be earning more, then you can keep them and you happy.

Of course you could always try to get paid more for what you already do. It can be hard asking for a pay rise though, but you could go about it in a manner that is comfortable for you. Perhaps ask your boss what the company’s policy is on pay rises, then you can learn more about how to ask for one as well as hinting that you are hoping for one. Make sure that you show that you deserve it as well by working hard. You could also ask if there are opportunities for promotion within the company, which could help you to get a better paid job without being disloyal. You could ask for training and see whether this could lead to a promotion within your company or ask around to find out what you can do in order to get a promotion.

To earn more you will need to be prepared to make some changes. You will either need to find a new job, get some qualifications or prove your worth or you may need to do all of these.