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The home – it’s the very block that weaves together a society, a shelter against nature’s harshest adversaries, and most importantly, a place where you, me, and billions of families come together to share love, peace, and harmony – well, most of the time. More like, on rare days when moms don’t get their usual dose of mood swings – lol.

Kidding aside, homes have all sorts of personalities. Some are peaceful and quiet while others range from rowdy to crazy. Some would feel homey and warm while others feel very stiff and refined. Houses are basically a physical representation of who you are as a family. It creates a place where all kinds of energy – good and bad – can gather and be equally shared by people living under one roof. Regardless the personality, a house becomes a home because of the people residing in it.

This makes each and every home special – at least to the few hearts who live within its four (or more) corners. This also means that it deserves to be protected. The feelings, memories, sentiments, and everything else that actually matter is guarded by your homes.

So question: Your home guards everything you ever held dear and will continue doing so as long as it stands. However, have you ever spared a thought on who will guard your home in return?


And so, I decided to write this article and share something I know would be of value to you – and to every other house owner on the face of the earth, for that matter. I offer you a 5-minute read that will change how you take care of your homes – and your futures – forever.

I give you home insurance – well, an article about it, to be exact. Don’t worry though; I’m no broker or insurance agent. And I won’t be trying to sell you anything. I’m simply here to offer friendly advice. I don’t really know what it is with people dropping an article the moment they see the word “insurance.”

What Is Home Insurance?

Think of it as off-site home security. Insurances may not be able to guard your homes like how normal security agencies would – insurance employees may be called “agents” but they’re not James Bond-level agents. And they certainly don’t have the license to take up arms and secure your house physically.

Home insurances offer a different level of security – something that even the most elite guards won’t be able to offer when push comes to shove. Home insurance protects your home as an asset. It offers you financial assurance for whatever awaits your home. It guards everything you’ve ever worked hard for; protect it from more perilous dangers such as fires, earthquakes, and other catastrophic events that are far beyond the control of human security.

Doesn’t That Mean Getting Home Insurance Is Expensive?

Well, it certainly isn’t pocket change – if that’s what you’re asking. The right protection comes at a price. But there is fine line between a realistic price versus prices that are dirt cheap or obvious rip-offs. Actually scratch the word “fine” from my previous sentence, whether or not you’re being cheated should be obvious enough to know. You just need to know how the market works for home insurances. And here’s how you can do it:

Check for Credible References Online

Service review websites (like this one here), Google business pages, and forum discussions about home insurance companies should be plentiful online. These are resources that you can definitely look into when you’re doing some digging on this particular market. Knowing what you’re getting yourself in is crucial in making wiser choices.

There are bound to be people who’ve gone ahead and experienced a particular home insurance you’re still just planning to get. Learn about companies by reading other people’s opinions, suggestions, frustrations, and whatever else you feel relevant to your research. Know that you don’t have to go through an experience yourself in order to learn from it.

Assess Home Insurance Inclusions

Several home insurances are only too expensive because they have ride-on benefits included in their package that you, in particular, have no use for. If you talk it out directly with a company authorized agent, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll do something about these unnecessary inclusions and customize a better, cheaper home insurance package fit for your family.

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