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Businesses are realizing the value of eBooks but not all of them might have good writers capable of producing compelling and well researched eBooks.  If you are planning to have a great eBook written but do not necessarily have the time to accomplish the task on your own, you may simply hire a good writer. However, there are certain procedures that you must put in place to ensure that you hire a quality writer so that the eBook is produced to your desired standards.

Research and Create the eBook Guidelines

Do not entrust the research of your eBook to the hands of a third party particularly if you are passing on some kind of specific information or message to your users. To forestall any risk that those you hire will steer away from your desired message, it is important to offer links to reference materials and also plan how the eBook will flow and the kind of information that must be included. While you will need to give your writers some room to be creative, it must be done within the confines of your stated objectives.


Prepare a simple test

The next step will be hiring a good writer to begin the eBook project. You need to create a simple test or two tests that you will use to gage the applicants’ proficiency and capability. It is best that the tests are closely related to the subject of your eBook. When you have come up with an appropriate test, you may proceed to hire your preferred writer.

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Where to hire

A global outsourcing marketplace will offer you great access to some of the best talents. You need to hire from websites that offer freelance services such as,, and amongst others. You can simply post the details of the project and you will be bombarded with tens of applications from interested writers.  You can then administer the test to determine the most qualified writers to undertake the eBook writing tasks for you.  It is important that you only pay money after the task has been delivered.

EBook writing is quite rigorous and some writers will simply bolt off with your money if you make any advance payments without seeing the work.   When choosing the writers, look for those with good reviews who have managed to consistently deliver a large amount of work to clients on time. Many freelance portals offer reviews by clients that you can read before hiring any particular writer. Finally, you need to set a clear deadline on when the work should be delivered and the client must agree to submit bits and pieces of work done o an ongoing basis so that you can ascertain that things are going as planned.


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