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If you feel that you want some more money and that you job does not pay enough then there could be ways that you could generate some extra money in your spare time. It can be fun doing this, because you are doing something that you want to do and you can enjoy it as well as earn form it. You will need to check your terms of employment though, to make sure that you are allowed to earn income outside of your job.

You could choose to do something similar to what you do at work, in order to use your skills. If you are allowed to, this could be a way of getting in some money doing something that you know a lot about. However, you may find that you would prefer to do something a bit different so that it did not feel so much like work.

If you look at jobs in the area, you will find that there will be some weekend and evening work if you want to do that sort of thing. You may find shifts at factories, supermarkets, cafes or bars could suit you. However, you may rather do something at home as it could be a lot more relaxing. There are lots of opportunities for this sort of work. You can find jobs online, there are plenty advertised on various work from home sites. These may not pay as well as you are used to, but they can be a lot of fun and a good way to get some extra money. You will need to declare the income to the tax man as self-employed income, but it will still be work doing that paperwork and paying the extra tax to get the extra income.

There are all sorts of things that you could do from selling items that you have (which is not liable for tax), buying and selling, doing freelance work, providing a service of some sort or making things to sell. It all depends on where your skills lie and what you think you might be able to make money doing and what you think will be most fun for you. It can be wise starting off with something which takes little investment, like selling a service or not buying in much stock, so that you do not spend too much money on your idea. As you start to make sales, then you can think about whether you think that it is worth investing some money back in to improve things. It will all depend on exactly what you are doing.

It may sound a bit negative but it is worth remembering that many small businesses are not successful. There are many reasons for this, but it is wise to keep your costs as low as possible in order to avoid this happening to you. Before you start think about how much things will cost, how you will finance it and what will happen if you do not start to make money right away.