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If you have a blog then it is possible to make money from it in a selection of ways. Some people already try a few things to make money, but there are actually quite a few different ways that you can make money form a blog.

You can get income from writing sponsored posts, putting on sponsored links or banner advertising. To get a sponsored post you would need to directly deal with an advertiser or use a company that gives work like this to bloggers. Usually you would write the blog post and include a link to a website within it and once it is published you would get paid for the work. Although this can be quite lucrative, it is wise to make sure that your blog posts are still relevant to the theme of your blog and not to overwhelm it with this sort of post. This is because your regular readers will spot them and it could put them off bothering to visit your blog anymore.

Sponsored links can also make good money and they can be placed on the sidebar of your blog, where they will be visible but not too intrusive. Banner advertising can consist of ads from companies such as Google adsense or banners specifically given to you by companies. These are not always such a good money maker as adblockers stop them appearing. This means that people with the blockers will not see the ads and not click through them. Often you will only get paid if the ad gets clicked through.

In order to make more money from your advertising and to encourage more advertisers you need to make your blog more attractive. Traffic and visitors are important but so is good quality content. If the content is good, then it should attract visitors anyway and quality visitors who are interested in staying on the blog and taking a look at the various articles available to read. It is important to update regularly too, so there is plenty of new content for visitors to read. Having quality content which is added to often will also be attractive to search engines and will help you to appear higher in search results which will in itself attract more traffic and advertisers.

Some bloggers can make a great deal of money but it will depend on the niche that the site is in. Some areas will attract a lot more advertising revenue than others. This is partly to do with how lucrative that specific niche is but also determined by how much competition there is. Some areas are very popular and therefore the advertising revenue has the opportunity of being spread between a lot more blogs. So if you are choosing a niche for a new blog to try to make money from, then you need to pick carefully. Find out what other blogs there are in areas that you are interested in blogging about and look at their advertising. Decide whether you think there is a gap for yours and how you can make it stand out and be better than the others in its niche.