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The buzz phrase is “If you’re not online, you do not exist.” And the truth is if you have a business this starts to become a reality, not just for online business, also for operating outside internet. Even if your business is at street and your customers are the people in the neighborhood, have exposure on the Internet will help you to let you know, and will also give professional prestige if you know it well.

In today’s article we talked about what you can do to get more customers through the internet, whether or not your business online. The way to get noticed on the internet is a website, which will be your ‘shop window’, so no good if not quality. But today it is possible to access your potential customers without a website: through social networking – with well-managed pages or promotions are launching a landing page (landing page).

If your business is Internet – Online

When business is it intended from the beginning to operate on the internet, or as I did, at some point you decide to spend your business off the internet (offline) to within (online), get your customers through internet is “the option.???

To do this go used to the idea that it is imperative to have a list of subscribers. I know it is an expense to make a website and newsletter (newsletter), but look at it as an investment that will make you reach potential customers around the globe. When your followers are accustomed to your posts, start to be part of their lives and will remember the day you need your products or services.

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If your business is outside the Internet – Offline

There are several options if your business is outside the Internet: having a website, create a business page on one or more social networks promptly creates a landing page for a specific sales action, or several of these things at once.

The important thing is you do reach your customers and potential customers the message that you are “online” and do you know how to find you. If you sell products, use the merchandising putting your web address in your bags, wrapping paper, window… It is imperative that you appear in Google Maps.

If you have a business, never forget the importance of having a website or a page on a RRSS be quality and well managed, your brand image is at stake. If you work online, your customers will come at a high rate through the internet, so please keep in touch with them through a newsletter. If you do not work online, also take advantage of new technologies to attract more customers.

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