If you want some fast cash money, then there are not that many options anymore. Gone are the days where we could knock on doors and see if anyone wants odd jobs done for cash in hand. Now we have to declare all earnings and people tend not to be so trustworthy, so it is unlikely that they would let a complete stranger into their home or garden to do jobs. This means that if you want small jobs that will earn you money quickly, you have fewer options.

There are temping agencies which can give you small job. They will offer all sorts of work and tend to pay on a weekly business. They will usually cover catering, factory and office work and so if you have skills in any of these or are willing to learn, then it could be worth trying. Sometimes their work just lasts a day or two if you are covering for someone that is unwell or it can last a lot longer; sometimes even leading to a permanent job. There can be a big choice of work which means that you should be able to find the sort of job that you would like and something which fits the skills that you have.

If you would rather work from home, then you will find that there are different things that you can do online. These tend not to be paid that well but you do have the convenience of working in your own home and therefore not having to commute to work. If you are caring for a person or for children, then working from home can really suit you. If you want something to do in just short bursts then completing online surveys or being paid to view adverts can be a place to start. You can do this on a number of sites and they will vary in how they pay and how much you have to earn to get paid. However, these sorts of jobs may not pay right away. You may find that you have to earn a certain amount of money before you can cash out what you have earned and this could take some time. It is worth finding out about this first to ensure that you think you will be able to accumulate enough money to draw out the earnings and that you will get paid quickly enough. If you have more time then some freelance work such as writing or programming could be better. These will tend to pay better, but you may have to bid with others to get the work and you will need to produce good quality work as there is a lot of competition and if open to candidates from all over the world, so have a far lower standard of living so the cash can mean a lot more to them. This also means that you may have to accept that you will be paid less, than if you did a more standard job.