Image courtesy of Nick Harris
Image courtesy of Nick Harris
If you have a limited budget then you may feel that new tech is not available to you. It may seem like everyone else is updating things often but you are not able to afford to do so. It can be frustrating and may even mean that you get ridiculed by your friends and family for not being up to date. It can be nasty when people do not understand but also you may need better tech for your job or to enjoy your leisure time. Luckily there are ways that it could be possible to do so.

Get generic models
Look for non branded items or brand names that are not so popular. You will find that these could have the same features but will be a lot cheaper. You may find that shop own brands can be a good choice for this. Make sure that you do not buy an item just because of the brand name but identify what features you want and compare them in this way.

Look Out for Sales and Discounts
It is well worth hunting to see whether there are any sales or discounts available that you can take advantage of. If you are buying online you may be able to use cashback or discount codes to get money off. You could also wait until the store has a sale and see if the item that you want is reduced.

Get Second Hand
There are some people which want to upgrade their tech as soon as a more recent model is available. You can take advantage of this and buy up the ones that they are selling. You are likely to still get a good piece of equipment but you will not have to pay full price for it. It can actually be better buying this way as some brand new tech may have teething problems and slightly older ones will have these problems ironed out.

Compare Prices
It is so important to compare prices between different retailers. If you have decided on a specific item that you want, take a look at how much it is being sold for. It is likely that it will cheaper online, but look carefully as this may not always be the case. Remember to look for discount codes and take these into consideration when you are comparing prices.

Sell you old tech
If you are replacing tech that you already have then it is worth considering selling your old tech. You will be able to get some money for it and use that towards the cost of your new item. Even if you item is broken it may be possible to get some money for it. It may be best to pay to get it repaired first and then sell it. Find out how much they sell for and what the cost of repair is and you can decide whether it is worth selling. You could try selling to family or friends, use social media or an online auction site to get the best price for your items.