If you are into Internet Marketing and SEO business, I’m pretty much sure you understand that if you want to move your site to the top of the Google for some keywords, you need to build extremely high quality backlinks. The key to moving higher all the time is constantly building high quality backlinks. You simply can’t go wrong here.

That much I can guarantee to you.

The problem is. Backlinks are expensive to buy and finding an authoritative websites who will link to someone who is new can be pretty hard. And even if you find those websites, how you can get them to link to you?

You see what I’m talking about.

That is the reason why I decided to create this post. I will try to show you how you can get high quality backlinks through some of my examples and short stories.

Let’s start.

The method that I was using a lot lately is called ”The Moving Man”. It’s becoming really popular now and it is been proved as a great way to attract lot of high quality backlinks.

I managed to get three high quality links:

-DA87 .edu site

-PA81 resource page

-Contextual link

which in only a week moved me from page 3 to page 1 for a specific keyword.

How to use a moving man method? 

It’s pretty simple. There is no learning curve and you can start even today. This method includes three basic steps:

-Find sites that changes their names, shut down or moved

-Find websites linking to old page

-Contact the owner

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That’s it. Sounds easy? It is!

Step 1: Finding an outdated resource/website

Your first step should be finding an outdated resource in industry that have:

  • changed names
  • different URL
  • stopped offering a specific service
  • stopped updating a specific resource
  • shut down and no longer exists

I can easily find these because in years I developed certain ways so now everything seems pretty easy. It may feel lot tougher if you are a newbie to this method.

Step 2: Finding a sites linking to old resource

This should be pretty easy but really important step. All you have to do is to grab a URL and put it into backlink checking tool of your choice. You will find all the websites linking to it.

Step 3: Reaching out and getting linked

Your last step is just to reach out to the website owners and suggest them an improved resource you created. This is the part I really enjoy because I love meeting with new people, connecting with fellow bloggers and stuff like that.

There is no doubt in this: The Moving Man method is one of the easiest and best methods to attract high quality backlinks to a website.


To your success.


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