Many of us get rather obsessed about money. It is something that we all need but often there does not seem to be enough of it to pay for everything that we want. Therefore looking for ways to get extra money can be something that it is easy to become obsessed with. However, it can be better to take a slightly reversed view on it and think about why we need more money and whether we can reduce that need for having so much of it.

The thing is that it is easy to think that we need a lot more things than we actually do. Obviously we need somewhere to live so that we can feel warm and safe We need good quality food, some clothing to keep us warm and protect our modesty and things to help us with our work. These might include a computer if we work from home or a car if we have to drive to get to our place of work. However, we have many more possessions than just a few things. Some of them we use a lot and really get lots of benefit from such as our bed perhaps or a phone so that we can keep in touch with friends and family. However, most of us with have items that we use very little, do not need or perhaps even do not like. We may have received them as gifts, bought them due to seeing advertising or thought they would be nice to have because our friends have them. For whatever reason, most of us end up buying much more than we need, even more than we need to be happy. This can happen every month as well with all manner of things being bought, even though we do not really need them.

Therefore it can be really wise to take a look at what we are actually spending our money on. Think hard about whether we really need those things that we are getting. Think hard about whether you really need all of those TV channels, so many magazines and newspapers to read, so many apps, extra DVDs and CD’s, so many days out, holidays and take aways and if you need extra clothing, accessories and items for the home. It can, of course, be lovely to treat ourselves to a few things and it can feel good, but if you feel that you do not have enough money as a result, then maybe it is time to cut back.

Even by comparing prices and buying cheaper things you can find that you will be able to have a lot more money available. You will be able to be more thoughtful about what you are spending money on and this will help you to be free of buying things before you feel you have to or because you are influenced by others. It can be a really refreshing feeling knowing that you are only buying what you need and the things that you really want.