If you need money really quickly and want to get paid the same day, then there are a few things that you can try. There are different methods and the skills, time and flexibility you have will determine which will be the most suitable for you.

It could be possible to pick up a days work and then get paid for it right away. There are a number of jobs that you could do like this such as building work, gardening, cleaning or things like this. There may be companies looking for casual help and this could be a way that you could get some money in a day. You will just need to search social media local sites to see if anyone is asking, ask around locally and phone a few local companies and you could end up getting yourself a job to do.

It may be that this sort of work is not what you like or are able to do. If you prefer factory or office work then it can be a good idea to contact a local temping agency and they might have something for you. Sometimes companies need someone to cover for a person that is off ill or on holiday and you might be to do a day or a week at a particular company helping them out. You will probably not get paid the same day for this work as temping agencies tend to get their workers to fill in a timesheet to be sent in at the end of the week and they pay the following week, but it is still pretty quick and they may pay earlier of you request it.

You might be able to earn some money online if you would rather try that way. There are many different websites that you can go to where you can earn money. It is a case of finding the website which suits you the best. You will find that there are sites where you can pick up freelance work, ones where you can earn through surveys, sites where you can pick up small tasks and all sorts of different things to choose from. It is worth thinking about whether you want to do larger jobs which might take longer or smaller jobs which you can complete more quickly. Jobs also vary in the amount of skill that is needed to do them and so you need to consider this as well and think about whether you want to spend a long time of a job or not. You will also find that they vary in how much they pay and so you will need to think about choosing the job which pays the amount that you want. However, online work can pay significantly less that other types of jobs anyway.

So it is worth thinking about what you want to do in order to get the money that you want. Then you will be able to start looking at the appropriate jobs and hopefully find something that will suit you. Once you have done this a few times it will allow you to know more about what is available and you will find it easier to find some work next time you want some money.