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It’s Monday morning, the alarm goes off at 6am, your bus is late, you’ve got meetings all morning, a looming deadline and a list of tasks that all needed doing yesterday.

It’s easy to see why so many people see the option to work from home is the easy solution, with dreams of rolling out of bed at 9am and wearing pyjamas to your desk. Sadly, working on your laptop, in your jammies from the sofa doesn’t make for a particularly productive workday.

As working from home is fast becoming a more viable option for many employees and businesses, more people are taking the option to ditch the commute and work remotely.

Because the home is littered with distractions, it’s hard to get into (and maintain) a productive mind-set. Many people can work no matter what their environment while others are all too easily lured into procrastination.

If you find it hard to work from home, then there are some great tips available that you can put in place so you can be just as productive at home as you would in the office.

Finding somewhere in the house that you can consider your workspace is a good place to start. You don’t have to spend time converting the spare bedroom or the dining room into your swanky new office, but having a quiet place you can go to work will help to get into your work head-space. Ideally, your work space should be permanently set up for work as an ad-hoc desk (or a laptop on the sofa).

Many people find it easier to set working hours even when they’re working from home. This way, you can avoid the temptation to watch TV, surf the net or run any errands that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do if you were working in the office.

Generally, being organised and doing whatever you can to put yourself into the correct work frame of mind can help you to make the most of your day working from home.