Paypal is a very convenient way to get paid when you do not want to reveal your bank details. Once you have an account you just have to tell people the email address you use on Paypal and they will be able to put money into your Paypal account. Then you will be able to transfer it to your bank account, which you can easily associate with the account or you can use it to pay for things directly as many retailers accept payment by Paypal. One thing that many people would like to know though is how they can earn money that will be paid into Paypal for them. There are actually many, many ways to do this.

When you earn money online, it is often the case that you can get paid into Paypal. This is because Paypal is a safe and secure way to exchange money and its charges are fairly reasonable. Often it is used for payments from people living abroad where they may not normally be able to easily give you money because of having to transfer currency. Paypal does this for you, they can do it at their end then send payment in the currency of your choosing or send it in their local currency and you exchange it before drawing it out.

Many people use Paypal to receive payments when they sell things on auction sites. These accept Paypal as a payment method and it makes the transaction really easy. Money arrives almost  instantly as well which is great if you sell something as you can post it to the person almost right away so there is no delay in them getting it. You can then use the money to buy other things online, although mainstream retailers may only accept credit cards, or you can draw the money out into your bank account.

There are many other online ways to earn money into your Paypal account. You could do surveys and get paid for that, have a go at winning free lotteries, get paid for watching videos or click adverts to get paid. Although these tasks do not earn lots of money, they will give you payment into Paypal. If you want more money then you can have a go at earning it doing freelance work. The great thing about accepting payment through Paypal is that you can work for anyone in any part of the country. There are plenty of websites where you can find work like this and although they will not pay as much as conventional work they will still produce some income that will land in your Paypal account. They can be a great chance to earn money from home, perhaps at a time when you are not able to go out, if you are caring for children, for example or if you want to do some extra work at home to fit around your regular work. Getting the payment into Paypal is secure, easy and quick and so well worth considering.