If you want to earn online, then you will need to have a way to get paid. Using BACS, which is how people get paid conventionally, is not something that is always that secure. Giving away your bank sort code and account number can be risky online, particularly if you are being paid for someone that you do not know. This is why, when working online, most will look to an alternative method to be paid. This is where Paypal is very useful. Although you have to give Paypal you bank details, so that you can transfer money form there into your bank, you only then have to give employers the email address that you register with. They send money to the email address through Paypal and will never get to know your bank details.

This means that you will need to start by registering for a Paypal account if you have not already got one. It is very simple to do. Then you will just need to request that anyone who is paying you send it to Paypal and direct it to your email address. You should find that most people will be happy to pay you through Paypal as it is a very popular way to make online payments, due to the fact that it is so secure.

Once you have registered you just need to find a company that will give you some work and pay you for it. There are plenty of opportunities out there to find work this way. You will just need to think about what you would like to do to earn money online. There is freelance work such as writing and programming, you could sell items, get paid through advertising on your website, complete surveys or many other things.

It is worth knowing that Paypal do charge. This means that when you get paid, they will take a small amount of what you get paid as a fee. If you look at their terms and conditions you will be able to see how these charges work. They differ depending on whether you have an individual or business account. The person paying you can opt to pay the fee or send the money as a gift to avoid the fee. These options can change depending on the type of account that they have.

Once you build up some funds in your Paypal account you have two options. You can choose to withdraw the money into your associated bank account and it will take a few days to get there. Alternatively you can keep the funds in the account and spend it online. If you have a business account there is a charge for withdrawing money unless you have over £50 to withdraw, so it is worth being aware of that. Just check the terms to be aware of the charges, as Paypal does have to make money so will charge for a selection of services. Exchanging currencies is another place where it will charge. It is worth being aware of how much as you may find that you are not always paid in UK pounds and so you may want to request that you are or charge a bit extra to allow for these costs, if it is possible for you to do so.