If you have a Paypal account, imagine how good it would be if it was always filled with money so that you can use it to buy whatever you like when you need it. It is actually easily possible to do this because you can earn money and be paid into Paypal which means that you will then have money there for when you need it. This can be a really useful place to get money as not only will it be there in Paypal when you want to use it to buy something but it will also be available for you to transfer into your bank account should you need to do that as well.

There are so many ways that you can get paid into Paypal as well. It used to be that Paypal was just closely associated with eBay and that it was mainly just used for paying sellers when you bought things from eBay. Of course it is still used for that now, but it has grown beyond that use. Many online retailers now accept Paypal payments, which means that you can use your account balances for that or you can use the security of Paypal to make a payment using your credit card more safely. Many people also get paid through Paypal. There are now many online employers, some independent and some through websites which will pay using Paypal. Although there are charges associated with making transactions through Paypal, it can still be a great way of getting paid. This is not just because of the increased security, so you do not need to share your bank details with people you do not know that well, but also because you will be able to exchange currency easily so if they are not base din the same country as you and use a different currency, it is still really easy for them to be able to pay you.

So maybe you are wondering how you can actually get paid like this? Well there are many places that you can look. Many people use cashback sites, survey sites and get paid to Paypal through these. They may sell items directly from their website and have a Paypal shopping cart button or they may have a selection of different payment options with Paypal being one of them. Some people even do freelance work and get paid directly from their employer by Paypal.

All you have to do is to provide them with your email address and they should be able to send a payment to your Paypal account. The money may need to be claimed or it may just be in your account. You will need to check when you received it. It is wise to check anyway so that you can see if it is the correct amount and choose whether you will transfer it or not. You may want to put it into your main bank account or keep it there to buy things with at a later date.