If we need money in an emergency then there is a selection of ways that we can get it. It can be possible to get the money from borrowing, particularly if you have a credit card or overdraft as these are quick and simple ways to get money. However, these are expensive ways to get money as you have to repay them with interest, unless you pay the credit card off in full when you get the bill. Therefore it can be worth thinking of other ways to get some money. Assuming you have no savings, you will need to earn it.

Earning money fast in a conventional job is not normally possible. Jobs tend to pay monthly or weekly and so if you need money sooner than that you will need to find a different way of earning money. There is so work that pays cash in hand, but these are frowned upon these days due to the fact that it means that the money does not get taxed so unless you can do a bit of gardening for someone, wash a few cars or things like that, you will have to look elsewhere.

Online work can be a way around this. If you do smaller jobs online, you should find that you will be paid fairly quickly and this means that you will be able to get that money that you need. There are websites online where you can pick up freelance work. They do differ, both in the types of jobs available, the size of jobs and how quickly you can pick up jobs. It is therefore worth spending a bit of time just researching what is available so that you can choose something which you think will suit you.  Obviously what you do will depend on the skills that you have, but there is such a mix of things available, you should be able to find something. If you have a skill, such as graphic design, then you should be able to find something that will use that skill. If you feel that you do not have a skill, then you still may be able to find something that you can do which perhaps you didn’t feel you were capable of before. There are also jobs such as answering surveys and watching videos which take very little skill and still pay out.

Some online jobs will pay quickly, but with others you will have to accumulate money before you can cash out. Make sure that you are aware of the difference and how the payment works for the job you choose to do. Then you will know whether you will be able to get the money quickly or not. You should be able to find out easily in the terms. Do not think that because for one survey site, for example, you have to wait until you have earned £50 before you can cash out, that they will all be the same. This will not be the case and you will find that you will be able to cash some out at much lower values and therefore get money much more quickly. It is worth noting that for most jobs you will need a Paypal account to be able to be paid. These are free to set up and you can transfer money paid into it to your bank account very quickly and easily.