If you need money urgently then there are things that you can try. It can be hard not to panic and just get a loan as you may feel there are no other options. However, there are many things that you could try in order to get money first.

To start with it is wise to think about whether you have any spare money that you might be able to use. Consider pockets of trousers, purses and handbags, savings jars or money boxes, in the car or down the sofa. Then think about your bank accounts and whether there is any in there. Maybe you have a savings account that there is money in or something like that Decide whether your utility providers owe you any money as you could find that if you do then they could transfer this into your bank pretty quickly.

Next think about whether you might be able to get an advance on your salary. If you do get paid monthly, then you may be able to be given a few weeks money early to help you to manage. Bigger companies are more likely to agree to this, although it can be worth asking any employer. If you do not have a job then maybe finding some work could be the answer. You might be able to pick up some temporary work or cash in hand jobs that could give you a bit of money. Try local temping agencies, look at classifieds to see if any needs a handy man, gardener or anything like that and if you have the skills, you might be able to get some work out of it and get some money.

Working online might be more suitable for many people. There are places online where you can find freelance jobs and some may pay really quickly. You will have to find a small job though, so that you can get it completed in a day, in order to get the money really quickly. It is possible to find work like this though, but it may take time to search the different websites to find it.

If you do decide that your only option is to borrow money then think carefully about where you will borrow it form. Consider the price of borrowing and whether you will be able to make the repayments. Think about where the best place is to borrow, whether you want to borrow from friends and family as they might be cheaper or more flexible or with a financial institution. It can have a detrimental effect on your relationships if you borrow from people that you know and so it could be wise to avoid doing this. However, some may have little choice and so find it to be the best option for them. It is good to think about how you will repay a loan and whether you will be able to afford it before taking one. Consider how the repayments work and how much you will have to pay and for how long so that you fully understand the consequences of taking one out.